Craft Editors


Welcome to the TIE Fighter (Collector's CD) Craft Editors Archive of the Science Office. There are currently 2 files online, ranging from simple craft editors with limited capabilities to the stuff you can make full game variants with, editing even cockpits and other craft parts.
All downloads have been arranged alphabethically so you can just scroll through them.


  TIE Fighter Craft Editing Utilities


Name Info Description
This is a uncomplete compilation of graphical parts of ships in the Tie Fighter Platforms. These are used for part transfers and basically putting a fighter together peice by peice.. [TIE Fighter, Craft]
Jeff Moore
The TIE Ship Editor v.2.0 is a Windows based editor designed to allow custom changes to the fighters in LucasArts TIE Fighter games [TIE Fighter, Defender of the Empire, TIE Fighter Collector's CD ROM]. The editor must be in the same directory as the TIE Fighter game on your hard drive to work properly or you can place the files in the same directory as the editor [TIE Fighter, Windows, Craft]