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Welcome to the TIE Fighter (Collector's CD) Mission Editors Archive of the Naval Base. There are currently 7 files online, ranging from simple mission editors with limited capabilities to the stuff you can make full game variants with, editing even cockpits and other craft parts. I've also added the TIE to XvT converter, just because it's handy:)
All downloads have been arranged alphabethically so you can just scroll through them. If you need help or other files, use the links below the titlebar.


  TIE Fighter Mission Editing Utilities


Name Info Description
Jeremy R. Lee
TIE Fighter Campaign Studio. Edit aspects of currently existing TIE Fighter missions and briefings . Create new TIE Fighter mission files from scratch. Unregistered version. [TIE Fighter, Windows, Missions, Briefings]
Evan Sabatelli
The TIE Fighter Workshop allows you to create or edit missions, battles, and pilots for LucasArts' game TIE Fighter. Flight group editor, radio message editor, WYSIWYG breifing editor, IFF code editor, global mission goal editor, breifing personnel and questions editor, graphical ship waypoints editor and more. [TIE Fighter, Windows, Missions, Briefings, Battles, Pilots]
Evan Sabatelli
This program will convert any TIE Fighter mission into an X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter mission. The new mission will be playable in XvT, although you may have to adjust the new mission somewhat using an XvT mission editor. [TIE Fighter, MSDOS, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter]
This is version 1.02 of TiED. A very nice and simple mission edittor I personally use the most, perhaps because it's most simmular to other edittors out there like XED, Allied and XvTED.[TIE Fighter, Windows, Missions, Briefings]
Mark Samios
Mission Full Graphics Editor, Briefing Editor, Briefing Animator/Simulator, Cockpit Editor (!!, also works for XvT), LFD Battle Editor, LFD Resource Manager, LFD Resource Viewer etc. This is IT! Best Tie Fighter edittor out there, and it edits plenty other games as well. [TIE Fighter, Windows, Missions, Briefings, Battles, Cockpits, LFDs]
Sean Baker
This is a program I wrote to enable you to change some of the variables in Tie Fighter missions. [TIE Fighter, MSDOS, Missions]
Sterling A. Moses
TMB 1.21 is a DOS based, TEXT mode based Tie Mission BUILDER. An editor allows you to change a few options, but a builder allows you to create custom mission from scratch, and this is what TMB will let you do. [TIE Fighter, MSDOS, Missions]