Pilot Editors and Viewers


Welcome to the TIE Fighter (Collector's CD) Pilot Utilities Archive of the Naval Base. There are currently 5 files online, ranging from simple pilot viewers with limited capabilities to editors you can change anything with. Remember that you might use these files to cheat - but that this practically always leaves traces that can be detected with these same files.
All downloads have been arranged alphabethically so you can just scroll through them. If you need help or other files, use the links below the titlebar.


  TIE Fighter Pilot File Utilities


Name Info Description
Thorsten Droenner
Tie Fighter Pilot Editor and BSF Generator. [TIE Fighter, Windows, Pilots]
Tie Fighter Pilot Viewer. [TIE Fighter, MS-DOS, Pilots]
Evan Sabatelli
The TIE Fighter Workshop allows you to create or edit missions, battles, and pilots for LucasArts' game TIE Fighter. Flight group editor, radio message editor, WYSIWYG breifing editor, IFF code editor, global mission goal editor, breifing personnel and questions editor, graphical ship waypoints editor and more. [TIE Fighter, Windows, Missions, Briefings, Battles, Pilots]
T. Thompson
TPE.EXE is an editor for the pilot file in TIE Fighter Game Is you save your changes then the old setting is saved into a file named [pilotname].bak. The editor changes ONLY the first part of the pilot file so your backup part is unchanged. [TIE Fighter, MSDOS, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter]