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Welcome to the X-wing Alliance Mission Editors Archive of the Naval Base. There are currently 5 files online, ranging from simple mission editors with limited capabilities to the stuff you can make full game variants with. Remember that you can use XWA's skirmish editor as a mission builder too, as it creates a temp mission file in your skirmish directory you can expand upon with the files here.
All downloads have been arranged alphabethically so you can just scroll through them. If you need help or other files, use the links below the titlebar.


  X-Wing Alliance Mission Editing Utilities


Name Info Description
Troy Dangerfield
This is a "special edition" public beta of AlliED. It's more a conversion of XvtED than what AlliED will end up being like. Because I have to pay off my computer before I even get back to my regular poverty, the full version of AlliED will be shareware of $10 U.S. Briefly, the main difference since XvT is the four Regions of space. A Flight group has a set of 4 orders for each Region, with a set of waypoints (other than start points) for each order. Switch between the Regions with the "1" to "4" buttons on the toolbar, and "R-1" to "R-4" buttons in the Map. [X-Wing Alliance, Windows, Missions]
Troy Dangerfield
This version has a number of limitations from the registered version; it has a 30 day evaluation license and can only be run once per Windows session. It also doesn't have the functions which use external files such as FG libraries, clipboards or custom lists. Most unknowns are not included, there are a limited number of instructions for Briefings and a limited number of WAVs using the Wav file manager, and some other functions have been removed or disabled. While it has a selection of wireframes, the registered version has wireframes for all craft except a few of the very small objects. [X-Wing Alliance, Windows, Missions, Briefings]
New Horizons
New Horizons Mission Editor. [X-Wing Alliance, Windows, Missions, Briefings]
New Horizons
Update patch for the New Horizons Mission Editor. [New Horizons Mission Editor]
Corran Azzameen
This is the first Non-Beta release that I'm putting out. XWAed has come a long way from just a single message editor. I wanted people to be able to get into Campaigns early on, so now they can. [X-Wing Alliance, Windows, Missions, Briefings, Campaigns, OPT/ACT Manager, Mail]
Geir Nøkleberg
Well, the biggest part of the editor is almost finished (the flightgroup editor) Do not expect any graphical mission map, briefing player/editor in this version. Besides from that you will not be able to create/edit radio messages, global goals, team names or description in this version. [X-Wing Alliance, Windows, Missions]