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Authored By GA Ronin, SA Astatine & FA Ender mBind.


Emperor's Hammer Fleet Manual
Welcome to the Emperor's Hammer Fleet Manual, the official spacecraft technical referance of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. The Fleet Manual is the premier Emperor's Hammer resource for ship data and fiction writting.

Contained within this manual are concise technical details on all known craft used by the Emperor's Hammer and its enemies. There is information on their capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, purposes and backgrounds. Learning this data thoroughly is a vital step in bringing glory to the Emperor's Hammer.

Serveing the Empire and defeating its enemies is the primary role of any pilot. Familiariity with this manual will make a pilot more efficient and deadly in combat. Familiarity will also increase the accuracy of post mission reports and aid in intelligence gathering.

All contained information is believed to be true at the time of publishing, however errors may have occured. Reports of errors or ommissions may be directed to SCO/FA E.mBind. Additionally, reports of any errors in the display or scripting may be directed to SCO/FA E.mBind.

This manual contains classified information of the highest level and is forbidden to reach the hands of personnel not cleared for access. Any reports of unauthorised distribution will be met with severe action.

-- Fleet Admiral E. mBind
Fleet Science Officer & Maintainer of the Fleet Manual