Fleet Manual: TIE Praetor (T/Pr)
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Name: TIE Praetor (T/Pr)
Manufacturor: EH Science Office
In Use By: Ender mBind
Type: Interceptor
Patch: N/A | (TIE) | (XvT) | (BoP) | (XWA)
Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Length: 10 m.
Cargo: 0 ton.
Description: Advanced space superiority fighter. This fighter is used only by Praetorian Squadron - the elite escorts of the SDIR. Most of its systems are classified.




Shield Strength: 110 SBD
Shield Recharge: 40
Shield Decharge: 22
Hull Strength: 14 RU
System Strength: 10
Counters: 15
Point Value: 900
Explosive Strength: 1250
Cruise Speed: 167 MGLT
Accelleration: 21 MGLT/s
Decelleration 33 MGLT/s
Roll Rating: 52
Pitch Rating: 32
Manouvrebility: 113 DPF
Laser Cannons: 4
Ion Cannons: 2
Launchers: 2
Torpedo Capacity: 8




Created by Shadow Works under a secret contract with the Supreme Director of Imperial Intelligence, the TIE Praetor is essentially a top of the line TIE Advanced prototype. While the specifics of its operational systems remain classified; it is publicly known that the TIE Praetor is armed with two chin-mounted laser cannons in addition to the standard 2 laser cannons in the lower wingtips and ion cannons in the top wingtips. The Praetor's hyperdrive and nav. computer are significantly modified, allowing the craft to operate at extreme distances from its mothership without any support. Its solid black hull coating makes the craft difficult to see and detect on sensors. This, coupled with a comprehensive sensor suite enables the Praetor to conduct reconaissance and inspection missions with ease. TIE Corps pilots lucky enough to see the legendary Praetorian Squadron in action say that the TIE is blindingly fast, and the few New Republic pilots that have escaped death at the hands of Praetorian Squadron report being haunted for months by the eerie red glow emitted from the TIE Praetor's special interior lighting.