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"Unless we want to give ourselves a really bad reputation, I just think we should avoid shooting the first people we meet on a new planet."


Welcome to my twenty-second public report as a Science Officer, once again on time... (its just unbelievable ;)) ...let's get to the news:

Science Office News:

  1. Main news this week is the release of the Imperial Concourse for XWA. This patch changes the interior graphics of the XWA rebel cruiser to those of an Imperial Ship (based on the concourse graphics of TIE Fighter.) and should improve the "Imperial Atmosphere" when flying EH missions.
    It also changes in-game ranks to EH ones, from CT to GA, concourse room names to Emperor's Hammer CS offices (for example: the Tech Room now is the Science Office) and the rebel pilot hand cursor to an imperial one. This patch will be updated each time we've converted another part of the rebel cruiser (next up is the techroom) and should eventually make XWA a fully imperial game.
    You can get the patch at, a screenshot is included with this report.
  2. Project Shield (a TAC Project) will continue after this report is written, it should be finished by the end of this weekend, Tuesday at the most. Release is partially still on hold because of AD Darkhill's hardware problems but shouldn't be too far away.
  3. CPT Flelm found the solution to the XP/DX problem with TIE95 reported earlier (TIE95 no longer working in XP after installation of DX9): Here's the steps.
    1. Download and install the new application compatibility toolkit (3.0) at (search for compatibility toolkit)
    2. Put the file at in your TIE95 base folder.
    3. Start the "Compatibility Administrator Tool 3.0"
    4. Open the "tie.sdb".
    5. Right click it, and install.
    That should work for most every install of TIE95. If the previous toolkit worked, this should work too. This will be added to the guide archive ASAP.
  4. Just in from Former LO/FA Ted Tiger: A new MOD for Battlefield 1942 is being build based on Star Wars. This MOD is called Galactic Conquest and it features in it's first version the battle on Hoth.
    You can get more information here: (Use the left navigation panel. The top one is to navigate thru the jolt network.) There's a homepage for German users, too:
    The next release of this mod takes place in three weeks and contains the following battle locations:Yavin4, Endor, Tatooine.

Science Office Status:

CA:SCO: Admiral Darkhill is still suffering hardware problems but should be back up to his usual self soon.

SCOA: CM Tim has gotten the IW site back in action, and continued work on his Imperial Hangar for XWA. (Which looks very nifty.)

Site: The Science Office site can be found at or via the redirect The mirror can be found at No major updates this week.

Science Office Projects:

Segway: We've put some new life into this project by finally releasing the Imperial Concourse. More imperial updates to XWA should be around shortly.

XvT/BoP/TIE95 Ship patches: This project's goal is to add all the original and Order of Battle craft that are still "missing" from these games, like the SSD in TIE and XvT, the Medium Transport in all etc. On hold for the Grand Project.

Grand Project: The EH Patch Manager Project is going along smoothly - expect it to be released by the end of the summer. Currently on hold until Den's PC is completely fixed (compiler won't run as well on his back-up PC).

Project Shield: (TAC Project) XWA, XvT and BoP sections have been completed, frst part of the TIE section has been prepared - and will be continued on today.

Finishing up:

I think that's it - If I've forgotten anything or if you have comments, suggestions or corrections, let me know via email or look us up at #sco. Don't forget that all the projects are described in more detail on the SCO site.

(use only for official SCO mails.) or ICQ (9706474). Preferably do not mail large files to me, but DCC them via IRC – I’m practically always online at #sco, #emperor’s_hammer and #tiecorps using the nick MindB_ndr (or variations.)
All my SCO reports are available online as well: you can reach them on the SCO site: but they are on the TIE Corps site, CS reports, as well.

Until next time, good luck and have fun!

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