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"Oooh Darling, there's a bandit on my tail... be a love and shake him off for me will you?"


Welcome to my fiftythird public report as a Science Officer, late, but still not as late as usual (Was testing IA MP last week *g*). Onwards to the news:

Science Office News:

  1. Big news this week is the release of the Emperors Hammer Ship Patches 3.0 (EHSP) for XvT and BoP. These improve on the current 2.0 version while remaining fully compatible with the older versions and even not having it installed (for MP reasons). Features are:
    • Adds the B-Wing*, TIE Defender, TIE Phantom, Pursuer Enforcement Ship, Missileboat, System Patrol Craft*, Scout Craft, Corellian Gunship, Container Transport*, Medium Transport*, Assault Frigate, Modified Corvette*, Modified Frigate*, Passenger Liner, Carrack Cruiser, Light Calamari Cruiser*, MC-90 Calamari Cruiser*, Communications Relay, Sensor Array, Astromech, Probe Capsule, Gunplatform, Large Gunplatform, Laser Battery and Pilot. (*= XvT only)
    • Makes the T-Wing and R41 Starchaser flyable and adds custom cockpits to all newly flyable craft.
    • Fixes bug in XvT and BoP that keeps Corellian Transports from firing their lasers.
    • Adds Melees and Combat Missions to allow usage of added fighters in MP and basically doubling the amount of missions in XvT.
    • Replaces datapad and graphics to Imperial Alliance/EH style ones, basically making it a "MOD". I have added a screenshot of XvT with EHSP 3.0 to the report.
  2. Development on Imperial Alliance is also progressing nicely with a new improved X-W model (with working S-foils) and several other craft added and quite a few of the projected "demo" missions finished. The second beta package is now being tested by the ISD Immortal. Hopefully this week there will be a MP update for our testers - so they can start doing dogfights and even earn LoCs. The update will also add some more SP missions and updated craft... should keep em busy for awhile.
  3. We have started a HS flying competition for everyone with access to the beta using "T/F: Gunnery Training" - not in the last place to see if we actually can do HS competitions :)
  4. If you want to join the IA beta, mail Spearhawk with your application. We currently have some spots open.
  5. Our site is gone, and minos will be going pretty soon... as such we haven't been able to release the IA site Lenvik perfected for us yet, sorry. Until we do get some hosting for it I advise you to visit our forums.

Science Office Status:

CA:SCO: Fleet Admiral Darkhill has been working hard making updates to the IA and ImpED code to remove bugs and to get the MP working, and testing that. He has also made quite a few craft for IA.

SCOA: CPT Tim was last seen getting abducted by Aliens.

Site: The Science Office site can be found at The site is gone. IA site has been completed by IO/AD Lenvik; looking for hosting for that and the SCO site.

Command Staff Objectives:

Continued patch development and platform resource: EHSP 3.0 versions for XvT and BoP have been released.

Get a release candidate version of Imperial Alliance released: The Closed Beta has started using our first "stand alone" version - one that doesn't need FS2 anymore... meaning we have really gone from a mod to our own game.

Upgrade and add to the Fleet Manual: On hold till we get our hosting sorted out.

Science Office Projects:

Imperial Alliance: With the release of the freely available source code of FS2, we have started on making a Star Wars game out of it. We can freely distribute a finished game as long as we have all our own data files (graphics, sounds, models etc). All other projects are currently on hold while we get this thing done some more.

Finishing up:

I think that's it - If I've forgotten anything or if you have comments, suggestions or corrections, let me know via email or look us up at #sco. Don't forget that all the projects are described in more detail on the SCO site.

Use only for official SCO mails. I’m practically always online at #sco, #emperor’s_hammer and #tiecorps using the nick MindB_ndr (or variations.)
All my SCO reports are available online as well: you can reach them on the SCO site but they are on the TIE Corps site, CS reports, as well.

Until next time, good luck and have fun!

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