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REPORTING OFFICER: Vice Admiral Impulse, Science Officer
I am your new Science Officer. I want to thank the Fleet Commander for accepting my application.
It has been a few days since I have arrived on board of VSDII Sinister and after cleaning the mess in the Science Office I can finally release my first report.
But its more like introductory report where I will share my plans for the future. And i have lot of them.
Its time to restore the functionality of Emperor's Hammer Science Office.
Science Office Status:
SCO: cleaning the office, examining dusty boxes with holodisks.

SCOA: No assistant has been assigned yet (maybe its your chance)

Fleet manual: new version is not operational yet. Old version is being used and can be found at

Site: updated version is not operational yet. Old version is being used and can be found at
Science Office Projects:
The following projects will be Science Office priorities during his tour of duty. More projects might appear later. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Primary projects:

  • Project Reboot. The aim of this project is to make all patches to be fully operational and bug free. This includes the following steps (in the order of importance):
    - converting X-Wing Alliance patches to EHSP format;
    - creating Emperor's Hammer Ship Patch (EHSP) for X-Wing Alliance;
    - bug report processing and bug fixing for all existing patches;
    - reviewing all existing patches.

  • Restoring fleet manual. I want us to have fully working fleet manual. At this moment fleet manual on SCO website is not operational and the other one is barely operational on internet archive website. This includes the following steps (in the order of importance):
    - restoring fleet manual functionality on SCO website;
    - fixing links to craft patches
    - adding background text for all craft;
    - rendering images of ship models in better quality and PNG format.

  • Bringing SCO website back to life. The website hasn't been updated for a very long time. I will post SCO reports and news there. All links will be updated and all website sections and content will be refreshed.

  • Secondary projects:

    - revision and reopening of Graphics [GFX] IWATS course;
    - revision and reopening of OPTing [OPT] IWATS course;
    - creation of TIE Fighter Custom Cutscenes Creation [TIECUT] IWATS course;
    - creation of patches and packages for running games on modern system;
    - creation of new patching software for patch creation (new version of ZT patcher).

    Long lasting projects:

  • Project Scribe. Gathering and documenting various technical information about the games we use, patches and other things that will help modifying the games and creating new patches.

  • Science Manual creation. Seems that Science Manual has never been completed.

  • XWAUP data collection. There have been debates about XWAUP for a long time. I will collect the data on how XWAUP mod affect scoring. Maybe this will help us to switch to XWAUP later.
  • Finishing up:
    This is all I wanted to inform you about. If you have any wishes, comments, ideas or want to inform you about something you can reach me by e-mail (
    Please contact me ASAP if you have some valuable things like backups of any SCO data.

    SCO/VA Impulse/CS-6(a)/VSDII Sinister