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REPORTING OFFICER: Vice Admiral Impulse, Science Officer
Welcome to my second report as the Science Officer. Not much is going on in the Science Office. All my time is being redirected to updating the website and converting XWA patches.
The previous SCO Ender mBind is going to give me all the materials he have from the time he was the Science Officer. I hope this will speed up some of my projects.

  • Problems with updated XWA patches.
    Its appears that some users might encounter problems installing updated patches for XWA. It can happen when using modern OS and the problem is in the choice command that was changed compared to older OS.
    To fix this you need to open bat file installer, find the line:
    choice I have read and agree with the above disclaimer
    and change it to:
    choice /C YN /M "I have read and agree with the above disclaimer"
    This is temporary solution as the existing patches will not be updated because they are being converted to EHSP format. I am ready to assist if someone have trouble with the method described above.

  • Work on the SCO website continues.
    The work on updating SCO website continues. Only Manuals and Archives sections left to be updated. I plan to open the updated version in 1 week.

  • Dozen of ewoks found dead.
    Dozen of decomposed ewoks were found inside the container in the cargo bay section that was used by previous Science Officer. It appears that those ewoks were used for various tests. Neglected, they have died and decomposed. No one cares about those small bastards anyway and I tell this so everyone can imagine how they had suffered. Don't we all love too see ewoks suffer? The results of the experiments made by previous SCO can be found in Projects section on SCO website.
  • Science Office Status:
    SCO: Updating the web site, converting patches.

    SCOA: No assistant has been assigned yet (maybe its your chance)

    Fleet manual: new version is not operational yet. Old version is being used and can be found at

    Site: updated version is not operational yet. Old version is being used and can be found at
    Science Office Projects:
    The following projects are active and the Science Office is working on them right now. You can find more information about them in the Projects section on the SCO web site:

  • Project Reboot: 12 patches were converted to EHSP format. Now i need to install XWA to test them

  • Science Office Web Page Update: Updating the website proceeds smoothly. I think about opening the updated web site in 1 week. Restoring the functionality of Fleet Manual and Order of Battle will take more time though.

  • Project Scribe: Every discovered technical data is being collected and saved for further study and usage.
  • Finishing up:
    This is all I wanted to inform you about. If you have any wishes, comments, ideas or want to inform you about something you can reach me by e-mail (
    SCO/VA Impulse/CS-6(a)/VSDII Sinister