Science Office Staff


This page covers the full Staff of the Science Office and falls apart in a bunch of main sections:

- Fleet Science Officer
- Command Attaché of the Science Officer
- Assistant to the Science Officer I
- Testers of the Science Office
- History of the Science Office


  Fleet Science Officer (SCO)


Name    Vice Admiral Impulse
   SCO/VA Impulse/CS-6(a)/VSDII Sinister
GS/BSx7/PCx14/ISMx23/IS-6GW-17SW-33BW-4GR-14SR-61BR/MoI-GC/MoT-1gh/LoC-RS-CSx4-Rx1/DFC- Rx1/MoC-3doc-3poc-3goc-4soc-25boc/CoLx3/CoB/OV-13E
Profile    PIN 11597
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Job Description    The Fleet Science Officer is charged with all details of running the Science Office. The SCO is responsible for maintaining the patch archive and Fleet Manual, providing final approval for all new patches and maintaining the Science Office website. The SCO is also responsible for appointing new staff members where necessary and keeping track of all Science Office projects.
Area(s) of Expertise    General Slicing, Mission Creation, Site Design, Programming.
SCO uniform


  Command Attaché of the Science Officer (CA:SCO)


Name    TBA
   CA:SCO//CA-10/SSSD Sovereign

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Job Description    A full-time support position within the Emperor's Hammer chain of command. Each Command Officer may appoint one to aid them in their duties and who will answer and report directly to that Command Officer only. This level of authority is invested in the Command Attaché so that he/she will be able to effectively carry out the orders of the Command Officer on almost every level. The Command Attachй is to be regarded as the personal assistant to the Command Officer, and speaks with his/her authority under the Command Officer's direction.
Area(s) of Expertise    N/A
CA:SCO uniform


  Assistant to the Science Officer (SCOA) I


Name    TBA

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Job Description    Command Assistants are secondary helpers to Command Officers, generally employed to assist in the implementation of large projects, or in more mundane tasks in order to free up the time of the Command Officer and Command Attaché for more pressing tasks and matters. Due to their secondary nature, the position is part-time, thus allowing members to retain their other positions upon appointment. In addition, the power of the Assistant is less than that of the Command Attache, as well as the minimum rank requirement.
Area(s) of Expertise   
SCOA uniform


  Science Office Testers


Name (PIN):    Job description.
TBA    N/A
TBA    N/A
TBA    N/A


  Science Office History


Created:    In Emperor's Hammer News Letter #26.
Original Job Description    The Science Officer supervises the Research and Development conducted by the Corporate Division for use by the Emperor's Hammer Fleet. Corporate submissions (and ALL new Corporate Picket Fleet fighter/capital ship designs) must first be approved by the SCO prior to review and posting in the Newsletters. The Science Officer also is responsible for being current and knowledgeable on upcoming gaming technologies and mission creators/editors to be released for the Star Wars genre.


Rear Admiral Nemesis NL#26 NL#27
Vice Admiral Nemesis NL#28 NL#30
Admiral Nemesis NL#31 NL#32
Fleet Admiral Bill NL#33 NL#42
Admiral Donitz NL#43 NL#43
Fleet Admiral Donitz NL#44 NL#45
Admiral Rob NL#46 NL#47
Admiral Alastery NL#48 NL#51
Admiral Ajax Fardreamer NL#52 NL#54
Admiral Archibald Zoraan NL#55 NL#56
Fleet Admiral Archibald Zoraan NL#57 NL#66
Rear Admiral Kermee NL#67 NL#67
Vice Admiral Kermee NL#68 NL#68
Admiral Kermee NL#69 NL#71
Fleet Admiral Kermee NL#72 NL#74
Vice Admiral Den Darkhill NL#75 NL#78
Admiral Den Darkhill NL#79 NL#86
Rear Admiral Ender mBind NL#87 NL#88
Admiral Ender mBind NL#89 NL#94
Fleet Admiral Ender mBind NL#95 NL#106
Fleet Admiral Den Darkhill NL#106 NL#..
Fleet Admiral Ender mBind NL#.. NL#..
Vice Admiral Impulse NL#.. NL#..