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This page covers the technical part of the game and falls apart in 3 main sections:

- System Requirements
- Version Guide
- Technical Support and Hints

If you got any other questions or if you got hints yourself, don't hesitate to contact the SCO. If you need another type of help, use the links below the titlebar.


  System Requirements


CPU: 386DX/33 minimum (486 strongly recommended).
MEMORY: 2 MB EMS RAM required for CCD, 1 MB EMS required. 2 megabytes EMS strongly recommended or discette version.
CD-ROM: 2X CD-ROM, 4X CD-ROM or faster recommended. (not required for discette version)
SOUND CARD: Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, AWE32, AdLib, Roland MT32/LAPC-1, Pro Audio Spectrum, Ensoniq Soundscape, and compatibles, General MIDI and compatibles..
INPUT DEVICE: Joystick required for CCD. Discette versions work with mouse too.
Note: For the X-Wing Collector's Series ("X-Wing 95") version see X-Wing vs TIE Fighter.


  Game Version Identification Guide
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  • Disk - X-Wing Disk with Imperial Persuit & B-Wing: This is the original version of X-Wing (add the add-ons). X-Wing is 5x 1.44 meg disks, with 1 additional disks each for Imperial Persuit (IP) and B-Wing (BW). X-Wing Disk w/BW is the minimum version require for EH patches & Battles.
  • CD - X-Wing Collectors CD-ROM: This comes on 1 CD, and runs native to Dos and came updated with TIE Fighter style graphics. There are many recorded problems with running this version through windows, dos mode is recommended. This version is fully supported in the EH for patches & battles.
  • 95 - X-Wing Collectors Series or X-W 95: This comes on 1 CD and is the latest (and probably last) version of X-Wing, it runs native to windows using the XvT engine. It contains a variety of niceities, includeing textured models, CD sound & 3D support. This version is fully supported in the EH for patches & battles.


  Technical Support and Hints


by Lucas Arts:
Discette Version    Collector's CD    X-Wing Collector's Series
(not for player-made expantions)

Some hints:
- For some odd reason Windows has completely no problem with running the Collector's CD version - even though it uses the TIE Fighter Engine. (and TIE is hell to run on Windows).
- On MSDOS machines, preferably run MSDOS 6.22 and make a bootdisc. The settings on your bootdisc you can then copy paste to your multiple setup config.sys for example.
- Learn the keyboard commands. You'll never be a good pilot without them.
Besides your joystick's fire, select/roll buttons [1 and 2], R (nearest enemy fighter, button [3]) and . (toggle cockpit, button [4]), you'll need more control. Generally try to have grasp the right mix of targetting controls (T, Y, E, R, ...), power management controls ([F9], [F10], S...) and throttle controls ([, ], [Backspace]...). Some people fly with co-pilots doing the keyboard, and it's no wonder:)
- Always do a Full Install, this makes the game faster because overall your harddisc access is quicker then your CDROM access. Also if you want to use custom missions you must have a full install for them to work.
- X-Wing saves your pilot automaticly, which means that if you screw up and die or get caught your pilotfile is messed up. For this reason either use an autobackup utility or do that manually. It might safe you a lot of problems.
- In MSDOS it is not required to have a more advanced joystick, 4 buttons is fine. Throttles are not supported, in the discette version you can even fly by mouse - but prepare to let it make some miles. But especially if you are using the Windows 95 version it pays off to have a more advanced joystick, with a throttle and more then 4 buttons, prefferably programmable.
Recommended are the Wingman joysticks by Logitech and the Sidewinder sticks by Microsoft. (though i broke quite some of them, in that case try and find a Thrustmaster)




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